Forklift Singapore Types

Types of Forklifts in Singapore

There are 2 main types of forklifts in Singapore, diesel forklifts and electric forklifts.  Fork lift and lift trucks are the same machines and it’s term is used interchangeably in the industry, though forklift is the more common terminology in Asia and lift trucks more in Europe and America

When choosing a forklift in Singapore, you should be aware of your needs and buy one that meets your future needs.

Common Electric or Battery Forklifts Singapore uses

To support a greener future, we are strongly recommending electric lift trucks as they have zero emissions and do not require NEA compliance for emissions.  This reduces your administrative and paper work not to mention your workers will enjoy better health and work in a quieter and conducive environment allowing them to concentrate better at work!

The shortcoming of a Electric forklift is its recharging time, which we think is a good thing, it allows the machine to rest and prolongs its serviceable lifespan! If you need round the clock usage, get 2 electric forklifts!

When buying an electric forklift, be sure to check that the machine uses standard off the shelf batteries so you can replace easily!  Don’t go for brands that uses custom-made battery packs that increases your long term maintenance costs!


Common Diesel Forklifts Singapore uses

Diesel forklifts are the common workforce and are seeing a strong decreasing demand compared to the electric counterparts.  For diesel forklifts to be operated in Singapore, you will need make sure your forklift satisfies NEA emissions test upon purchase.  At any point of time, the forklift must not emit visible smoke or you will be liable to a fine.